Academic Quality Indicators

Gainesville International School Chiang Rai offers college preparatory education using an American military model of middle and secondary preparatory school education.  Our curriculum is based on the curriculum used by Riverside Military Academy, Gainesville, Georgia.

The time-honored benefits of this model derive from a structured, relevant, curriculum.  We utilize proctored study periods, and small classes, supported by a caring faculty. What is expected of each cadet is made clear each day. The day begins at 6:30 a.m. There are formations throughout the day and close order drill before breakfast.  There is an afternoon tutorial period following classes. Cadets then participate in PT and athletics. Each evening is structured around a two-hour proctored study period where cadets are required to study at their desks or in an area supervised by a teacher. Each day a cadet will eat, sleep, study, drill, and exercise, providing a healthy routine for intellectual, social, and physical growth.

Some students have difficulty in school because of learning disabilities, while others are the victims of bad habits and negative experiences.

We pay close attention to each student’s Individual Education Plans (IEP).  We can meet the accommodations necessary for students with learning disabilities.  GIS provides extended testing, and our daily routine answers many other learning needs. We conduct additional assessments as needed to measure math skills, reading comprehension, and academic aptitude. This process helps to ensure proper class placement and academic support. Classes are small with a student-teacher ratio of 7:1. We also provide afternoon tutoring, nightly study hours, and weekly grade reports. Whether the problem is a learning disability or simply bad study habits, this schedule gives our cadets a road map to achieve academic success.


Parental interaction with GIS figures prominently in the GIS method of education. Teachers post grades and comments on our Learning Management System each week, where parents can log in to receive constant updates on the progress of their cadets.  Conferences with parents on Parent’s Day in the Spring. We found that a strong parent-teacher partnership benefits all cadets.


Although our primary concern is what is going on inside our students, the surface is just as important. We intend to give each student a clear sense of their dynamic place in the world. Belonging to a group and working toward common goals, gives a student the satisfaction of individual and collective accomplishment. By working together, students will achieve academic and together, students will achieve academic and personal growth that creates pride, self-esteem, comradery, and a sense of accountability.

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