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For all boys and girls who have already graduated from 12th grade (high school) from any other schools and are interested in entering the military colleges in America or other universities of any other country can apply at GIS. All applicants are required to study at GIS for at least one term. They will be developed and prepared in the English language and military manner as well as leadership before entering U.S. Military colleges or respective universities.

Let’s Get Started

  • Our school commenced in 2015;
  • Grades 7 – 12, plus summer crash courses and one-year preparatory course for relevant military academies or international universities.
  • All students for Top Quality;

Gainesville Focus:

  • College preparation in English;
  • Instruction in and the practical application of leadership;
  • Character Development;
  • Located in Chiangrai, Thailand, one-hour flight from Bangkok;
  • Associated with several US military academies and international universities.

Language Attainment:

  • Every Gainesville Cadet is fluent in listening, writing, reading, and speaking the English language upon graduation!

After graduated from GIS-Th

  • Students can enter military colleges in America or other associated international universities with the exemption of entrance tests (with at least GPA 3.1, TOEFL score of 550 or above). MOD (Memory of Discussion) with Military Colleges in America:
  • The Citadel, South Carolina
  • University of North Georgia (The Military College of Georgia), Georgia
  • Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets, Virginia
  • Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership at Mary Baldwin College, Virginia

After graduating from US Military Colleges 

  • Apply for U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines and become American Citizen as an Officer
  • Apply for business firms, U.S. Government, or any organization and establishing a permanent job in the U.S.
  • Return to their home countries, apply for Armed Forces of their government, with high skill in the latest technology and fluent skill in the English language.
  • All Military Colleges in the US train their Cadets not only to become a leader in the military, but also a well-trained leader in business and industry.

Gainesville Graduates WILL Succeed to

  • Write and speak the English language fluently;
  • Understand how people, events, and ideas of the past have shaped the world and have provided a context in which to view and evaluate the future
  • Understand the natural and physical world and the philosophy of science and mathematics
  • Discuss and apply the characteristics of an effective and ethical leader
  • Appreciate literature and its contribution to civil society
  • Understand the structure and functioning of the military profession
  • Apply the art and practice of leadership in a civilian occupation or the Cadets host nation
  • Resolve moral and ethical issues through rational thought processes and enhanced moral reasoning skills
  • Appreciate the benefits of physical fitness and wellness through participation in competitive sports, physical training, and intramural sports
  • Obtain admission to college and achieve higher degrees
  • Become culturally-enriched individuals through the study of such electives as the arts and foreign languages
  • Employ technology to include fluency in the use of contemporary computer hardware and software
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