Online Art Exhibition

Online art exhibition, work of students from Gainesville International School, Chiang Rai, titled “The life style of the Covid-19” from the current global epidemic situation. Students express their feelings and responses in various fields. Both negative effects and a positive impact. The Art Fundamental course aims for students to learn and express themselves creatively, in a variety of techniques, according to their aptitude and interests, as well as freedom in creative aspects. Contemporary artistic expression such as painting, drawing, character design, video editing, cartoon drawing, texturing on fabric materials, etc. The work comes in the form of postcards, LINE stickers, animation movies, music videos, comics, shirt coloring, bag coloring.

Name: Miss Kanchisa Xu (G.10)

Name of the Comic: “Four of us with tiny Corona-Chan”

Story: The entire story is about four people talking about Coronavirus or Covid 19 via Face time on Facebook. Topics of the conversation is about how to prevent ,what is the symptoms and 6 steps, way to washing hands correctly to kills bacteria or virus that stick on our hands by this comic

Concept: Now a day, there is many people infected by corona virus, I want to show you guys to realize how dangerous this virus is. Why we should stay at home is to reduce the increasing in number of people infected. And this four people they are doing the new norm; stay safe at home. They use devices as phone or computer to meet each other via application called Facebook. And ordering food delivery.

Name: Miss Narada Hanpo (G.9)

Name of the artworks: No plastic bag

  Earth 911 regards plastic bags as the main source of debris pollution in the ocean. The toxic in plastic can harm marine wildlife. The bag can also create problems for animals. … Sometimes animals, birds, or fish ingest pieces of a plastic bag that block their digestive system and causes them to die. It takes 500 (or more) years for a plastic bag to degrade in a landfill. Unfortunately the bags don’t break down completely but instead photo-degrade, becoming microplastics that absorb toxins and continue to pollute the environment. I paint a beautiful bag to attract people to not use a plastic bag

Name: Master Atis Moungmor (G.10)

Art project name : Be safe in pandemic

This postcard is the representation of the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic as a reminder to stay home and don’t travelling anywhere but if needed to go outside it will be required to wear a mask to protect yourself and others from getting the virus. Reason for the creation of this project : my own reason for the creation of this project is to remind everyone to stay home and don’t go outside but if needed to. Please wear a mask so that you don’t caused any harm to yourself and everyone around you.

Name: Miss Pakwan Aeiwjaroenlap (G.11)

Name of the artworks: Let’s stay home

Our arts’ stories: During the covid-19 virus incident causing the new rule calls ‘Stay home’ to be at home to reduce the spread of the virus. This allowing all year city workers can have the opportunity to return to their homeland and making campaign ‘Stay home’ and also spending time with their families, relatives, parents who have neglected resulting in more connections in the family.This time, ‘Stay home’ help us to spending time doing relaxing activities with pets such as running or treating. Normally we have to go out to work so often that we do not give a full attention and care for them. Now during the ‘Stay home’ campaign allow us to make a good relationship between the owner and the pet again.From the outbreak of the corona virus. Now we are all aware of how to be more careful in living, such as wearing a mask, social distancing, how to washing hands correctly, etc. But the most importantly this situation made us see the great hero, who make a control, protect people and cure this epidemic. That is the medical team.

Our arts’ concepts: We want to say thank you to all of doctors that helping all of the patients and we’re also staying at home with our family by helping each other doing housework and do activities together.

Name: Master Phongjakkawan Hemrungrote, Master Monnat Sinpieng, Master Virawat Suwanrattaphat (G.7)

Sticker line: Peem White blood cell and covid-19

So I came up with an idea about the white blood cell and the virus because, first we need a characters that are easy to draw and match with our “Covid-19” theme and, because we didn’t even have any drawing tools and didn’t even know about the drawing programs that’s why we drew a cartoon characters that are not too hard to draw.

Name: Miss Catarina Magdaleno (G.7)

Painting T-Shirt

Name: Master Piyachon Phumwiphat (G.8)

Comic Covid-19

Name: Master Phudit Dechapunyaporn (G.8)

Animation Covid-19

Name: Master Niramit Come-ma (G.7)

Name of the MV: DOCTORS VS COVID-19

The Story I Want To Tell: The main idea I want to tell you guys is about, what doctors and medical team are really fighting with this Epic Virus. I wanted to show you guys, that doctors, are like a warrior or a soldier, and we are like a people taking cover, for the war. What I want to say is that, “We will only make it through this, if we think as we.” this is a quote from a YouTuber named “Dhar Mann”, I was inspired by his quotes in his videos. And yea that’s what I wanted to say, about this Project.

Illustration: In Pictures, first of all I want to thank you “Bryan Vector Artist” for letting me using his picture, and then doing it in Photoshop again. So shout out to him. #Best Artist #Best Illustrator Pictures #Stay Safe. In my pictures, I try to find pictures that are about Heroes, Doctors, Swords, and Covid-19. And then I Photoshop it, to make it look better.

Videos: In my videos that I make in this MV, is about the news, and what is going on some parts of the globe, after Covid-19 has appeared. I use Vegas to edit the videos, in to small parts to tell the story.

Music: In my music I use the song called “Heroes Tonight” by Janji feat. Johnning. The reason I choose that song is because, it has a meaning about heroes, and saving the victim, which in this MV Project means saving Covid Patients.


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