The Pathway to Success

Students graduating with a GPA 3.1 and a TOEFL score of 550 or above, will be eligible for enrollment in one of our associated military colleges and universities in the United States. For GIS students who are unable attain the TOEFL PBT 550 minimum score, GIS has arrangements with certain US military schools that will accept our graduates, with an additional tuition, every into one-year Preparatory Course allowing them to continue their English language studies so they may achieve the minimum scores needed for full admission to the college or university. Students will have an opportunity to test every semester until they pass.

Every military college and university in America recruits international students. When students graduate, GIS will make arrangements selected for military colleges and universities to facilitate admission to the schools. Families will be responsible for filing the “Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student Status – For Academic and Language Students” visa (I-20 form) and its respective costs.

Upon Graduation from a Four-year Institution

All students have the right and option to volunteer for US military services. Meeting specific requirements, students may achieve US citizenship and a military commission upon graduation from their school. Retiring after 20 or more years of military service, one’s an educational background and the transferable professional skills developed in the US military, along with US citizenship, doors, and possibility abound. America needs the discipline, leadership skills, and depth of character that constitute the years of that individual. Career possibilities from academics to business are waiting in the US. As a US citizen, the choices are yours.

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